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Vocabulary Test- cùng làm nhé!

Đây là Vocabulary Test đã được thi trong 1 kỳ Chứng Chỉ ECPE (Michigan Proficiency). Các bạn làm rồi post đáp àn lên phần phản hồi. Anglomaniac sẽ post đáp án đúng sau. Thời gian làm là 25 phút, số điểm cần đạt là 28/40 (70%).

01. He got the job even though his skills were _______
to those of the other applicants.

a. insignificant
b. inferior
c. indifferent
d. imperfect

02. When choosing the new chairperson, _______ that
the past three have all come from the accounting

a. see to it
b. look out for
c. keep in mind
d. ask around

03. The government _______ the use of seat belts
in all cars.

a. prevails
b. provokes
c. mediates
d. mandates

04. I think Kim would be great for the job. Her work
record is _______.

a. impeccable
b. enriched
c. rudimentary
d. tarnished

05. John will likely _______ as head of the department
when the semester ends.

a. resign
b. conclude
c. install
d. expire

06. The company that Joan works for is _______ with an
automotive company, so she can get a discount on

a new car.
a. correlated
b. parallel
c. affiliated
d. accounted

07. Vacation policies continue to be a source of _______
between management and the workers.

a. disturbance
b. resistance
c. contraction
d. friction

08. I can tolerate olive oil, but I just _______ olives.

a. distort
b. perjure
c. abhor
d. feign

09. The _______ customer upset many of the
restaurant’s staff.

a. intuitive
b. prodigious
c. belligerent
d. abundant

10. The lecturer restated his main point, _______ that
the current approach has been a failure.

a. namely
b. largely
c. incidentally
d. exclusively

11. Regular exercise increases the _______ of living a
long and active life.

a. maintenance
b. percentage
c. likelihood
d. significance

12. Mr. and Mrs. Johnson were _______ by the hotel’s
dirty rooms.

a. deducted
b. admonished
c. appalled
d. dispelled

13. I asked Joe if he’d told me everything, but he
wouldn’t give me _______ answer.

a. a subconscious
b. a straightforward
c. an unstructured
d. an unmistakable

14. Our employees are promoted on the _______ of how
well they do their work.

a. concept
b. basis
c. status
d. structure

15. We _______ unexpected results in our latest

a. selected
b. conducted
c. retrieved
d. obtained

16. These colors look good on you because
of your dark _______.

a. complexity
b. composure
c. complexion
d. composition

17. Although she didn’t like the gift, she thanked
him _______.

a. graciously
b. fundamentally
c. presumably
d. evidently

18. We need more people of Tom’s _______ working
with us.

a. caliber
b. estimation
c. adequacy
d. construction

19. The journalist’s conclusions were _______,
according to many critics.

a. mandatory
b. disfigured
c. elongated
d. questionable

20. In order to be successful in life, one needs to
_______ in spite of life’s challenges.

a. perpetuate
b. persevere
c. preserve
d. pretend

21. The school is _______ a lot of changes now that the
new director has arrived.

a. performing
b. reforming
c. altering
d. undergoing

22. Many buildings in the city were damaged by the
_______ wind storm.

a. urgent
b. gripping
c. futile
d. fierce

23. The dean _______ the requirement that each student
write a thesis.

a. abolished
b. denoted
c. disposed
d. subdued

24. We constructed the _______ for our project with his
theory in mind.

a. designation
b. forecast
c. framework
d. outcome

25. Mary’s decision to retire had _______ effect
on everyone.

a. a profound
b. a fervent
c. an absolute
d. an insistent

26. I like my relatives, but I can handle them only in
small _______.

a. factions
b. doses
c. racks
d. pinches

27. The managers will discontinue the product if its
costs continue to _______.

a. propagate
b. ascend
c. elevate
d. escalate

28. Larry _______ forgot where he’d left his keys.

a. directly
b. singularly
c. shortly
d. momentarily

29. My new bag is so _______ that I can take it

a. compressed
b. condensed
c. compact
d. compiled

30. Research indicates that eating a better diet
may delay the _______ of certain diseases in
some patients.

a. onset
b. induction
c. uptake
d. origin

31. John was not selected _______; he was chosen for
the job because he had the most experience.

a. deliberately
b. alternatively
c. momentously
d. arbitrarily

32. The food at that restaurant was excellent, but the
service was only _______.

a. sublime
b. secondary
c. mediocre
d. intermediate

33. We couldn’t hear the singer because of a loud
_______ in the balcony.

a. aggravation
b. commotion
c. formulation
d. reparation

34. The differences between the male and female of this
species become more _______ with age.

a. divisible
b. dictated
c. pronounced
d. assured

35. The doctors don’t know if the treatment will work
because they’re not sure about the _______ of the
new drug.

a. actuality
b. efficacy
c. differentiation
d. perplexity

36. The committee thinks that Jim’s plan has a
lot of _______.

a. competence
b. capacity
c. potential
d. qualification

37. Every January 1st, Beth resolves to live a healthier
life, but _______ she returns to her old habits.

a. additionally
b. intimately
c. practically
d. inevitably

38. Even though many different languages are spoken in
the United States, the _______ language is English.

a. factual
b. superficial
c. predominant
d. monumental

39. The director stood up from the table, _______ the
end of the meeting.

a. signaling
b. motioning
c. informing
d. illustrating

40. Marion uses her money wisely. She never
spends money _______.

a. frivolously
b. infinitely
c. evasively
d. ingeniously
--> Đây là đáp án của Vocabulary test này: 1B 2C 3D 4A 5A 6C 7D 8C 9C 10A 11C 12C 13B 14B 15D 16C 17A 18A 19D 20B 21D 22D 23A 24C 25A 26B 27D 28D 29C 30A 31D 32C 33b 34C 35B 36C 37D 38C 39A 40A.